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Boxes for Online Events, and New Recruits

With our world being turned upside down and around and around, Creative Output have utilised all space and skill and are delivering amazing bespoke event, new joiners, and have a work social boxes that are creative and highly competitive priced. Made strictly for you and your budget to gain engagement online.

We all have to accept that currently we have a new way of working, so brands and businesses need to promote and engage themselves in a different way. Creative Output's Bespoke boxes are the perfect solution.You choose the budget, we give you ideas from our hand picked uniquely different suppliers and we guarantee a safe delivery ensuring that the rewards have the desired effect making whatever type of box it is one to remember. Great for online events, new members of staff, team building, work socials and awesomely creative for product launches and online sales meetings. The process is simple!



By email, phone or to discuss your needs, budget and timeline


In collaboration with you, our team will create a gift that leaves a huge impact on your client,staff or new joiner.


From creation to the packing and shipping, we’ll take care of every step to ensure your gifts arrive safely to your recipients

All produced and delivered under one roof!

Say hello - Boxes to brighten online up!

Once Upon a time there was a box....

It has to start with a box, you choose your style and design to match your client’s budgets.

Using the amazing GF Smith board there is not a texture we cannot create, from basic corrugated to a suede or leather finish we can make it in any finish or size you require. Your requirements are bespoke to YOU and YOUR needs.

And in this box was .... ????

On embarking on boxes in this new world, the only way to proceed was to keep it British and we decided to work with 100’s of small unique exciting high-end brands throughout the UK to deliver deliciousness.

Our world is not about plastic and cheap , it's about unusual, style ,quirky and most important affordable.

You chose what goes in there we just make it happen

Every story tells a tale and the moral of this story is they have to arrive beautiful and on time....................

What’s the point of having a beautiful box if it arrives bedraggled and late!

Although not the glamorous end of our service the way we fulfil is paramount.

You must have that SEND ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME comfort.

Your scheduled delivery date is our goal, by hand if necessary , if the goods are over a certain value our security levels are unrivalled.

No one is perfect occasionally things do go awry as our client you have a 24/7 delivery contact with Creative Output so using our track and trace system the account manager for the project will give you an answer.

Blinking brilliant Bespoke boxes!