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Pay safely screen

Payment/Cashdesk Protective Screen

We need those card machines kerchinging to ensure you get back to business quickly and safely be ahead of your competitors with these bespoke 3mm or 5mm perspex protective pay safely.Made in 48 hours quickly, so that both your staff and clients are safe to buy again. The screens can branded or have stickers applied giving clear messages of your safety process.


We cant wait to hear the tlls ringing at our local pubs, bars, restaurants and shops, but we all need to feel safe when we pay! hLets boost your long lost sales safely with our payment protective screen. Simple to install and cost effective to not do anymore damage to your depleted year.Our bespoke made to measure screens are the perfect solution for any transactional. business. Get ready for the July opening. Competitively priced made to measure and installed in hours.Business and distancing graphics are available too as is print and graphics on the screen if required explaining clearly your social distancing and safety rules. Clear message with a simple and cost effective solution. Easy to clean safely.

These hanging barriers can be either fitted with two suspension hooks or straight to desk .

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