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Cardboard furniture for Bic Biro

Plastic pens need cardboard furniture.......

We are proud to announce that Bic Pens contacted us with an enquiry for 4 stools and chairs all to be done in cardboard. The process started just like above!

Like most people the marketing manager was very sceptical of its qualities and his boss needed to be reassured that they would look OK much more!

With many images brandished backwards and forwards they took the plunge. Brown corrugated was just too much of a step so we opted for our E/BFlute with a white finish and frantically started our engineering.

All our cardboard we think prints beautifully with our vegetable inks and we think fully brandable cardboard is unbeatable it can deliver a message in so many ways, so we started white and boring and ended up like this, printed cut out and constructed in under 15 minutes imagine carrying a poseur table and 4 conventional stools onto a stand it would take far more effort to prepare and certainly deliver, this was flat packed onto a small family saloon. It can also be reused again and again and when disposed of has an 8 times recyclabilty cycle.

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