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Experiential Gift Box for Home Event & Conferences

As we accept that events, expos and award nights will be coming at us online here we suggest bespoke and cost effective gift ideas to make them more inclusive and to ensure the end result is achieved.

So we have to accept that events, exhibitions, conferences and product launches are probably going to have their wings clipped until early 2021 or sooner if a vaccine is found or the illness disappears (Creative Output's favourite resolution).

So while we remain at home, delivering such events online or as a hybrid, we need to feel that we are all their together. Having trialled many the interactive room we enjoyed the most is REMO as you go into a room and meet people, up to 8 speakers can talk and online up to 800 people can be accomodated. Please don't do what one of our directors did thinking this would be just like a webinar she discovered much to her horror that you are having face to face discussion with complete strangers who did comment on had her hair been brushed. We can hold a REMO event for you so ak if you are interested.

We would rather remain steadfast and keep everything crossed that we have done enough to be able to deliver live events again BUT short term we do like the idea of the gift box, for all offline events whatever they are for . A personal touch, a personal agenda, branded for you even with a personal stool or brochure or mug with your favourite brownie inside to share a mug of something when a tea break is taken.

Evening box sets of course revolve around booze and bubbles , award ceremonies can have medals and trophies be it they are chocolate or real.

All delivered securely and safely in unique branded box.

24/7 we print, design and deliver from both our London and Sheffield sites we can dare I say do this on the cheap, there is a twist some may say a usp to our offering which makes us stand out in the crowd,due to the nature of some of our work we can deliver parcels quickly and on time, our logistics team come from a security background so we never have to worry about things going missing and it is always there by 10am the next day NO FAIL.

Like most things in business its the little things that count creativity, innovation, seamlessness, doing what you know you can deliver and not over promising and we think the event box is somethin that we could with you collaborate nicely with and make something that is fun and unique to your event making you stand out from the crowd not ordering from the same old people to deliver the same result.

So stand out from the crowd from the comfort of their home call Creative Output to create that Box with some bougie!

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