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Boxes are currently for Online Christmas Parties....

As news of the vaccine hit us and Christmas fast approaching here at the new Creative Output HQ we hope that we MIGHT do some live parties in December. We do however realise that a lot of global companies have already made the decision that online is US and everyone needs a box to open on Xmas dont they?

We know that everyone and his dog are currently offering online gifting boxes.

We started offering this service in March and have steadily built a good client base around this service, we are certainly not for everyone but what we deliver is never generic, it is always about the BRAND, the OCCASION and not forgetting our good friend THE BUDGET and we have even done boxes for £1.00

Lazy online buyers who are not worried about their brand are not for us we like the creative ones who love our original ideas, who love how our spreadsheets which helps them curate quicker. Creative Output caters for every person as an individual so there are NO big Christmas hampers of nothing useful or sad generic english cream tea packs or anything else we have forgotten that is unoriginal to the recipient. Their box is their box curated for them and their palate whatever the event and wherever they may live.

I bet you didnt know, that strangely enough the least glamorous side of this service is the most important aspect of all. Trust me it is all in the delivery and I mean the white van type hot off the press we do have snazzy electric ones now too and an electric transporter to run experiential events how green is that?

How it arrives and when it arrives is how you retain your clients confidence.

Arriving LATE or very BADLY damaged is simply not acceptable and you never get a second chance. Yes data suppled can be flaky, but with our super organised bespoke BMS (Box management System) it is bar a few typing errors infallible.

To keep our staff busy in Covid every member that is able to drive has delivered!

A personal driver with a smile and a message has proved a huge success for us , we have even taken gifts despite COVID to Europe, people have welcomed us all with open arms so reassuringly people do still need people.

Once Christmas is over we can curate the most marvellous boxes for your online conferences, exhibitions, launches, events you tell us what you want and we will make it happen. HR and heads of departments love us as we do new joiners, thank you for being a great staff member , and staff award packs which really mean a lot to the individuals involved.

We thought it would be fun to end this message with some items clients have loved from us this year some original some just very plain but gladly received.

If you want to spar a few rounds come and get in the ring with Creative Output, boxing we do differently of course!

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