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Graffiti Seatee........

Looking for something green and new for kids, summer camps play days, or party bag present who wouldn't like their own personalised seat. 100% recyclable and can be plain for the kids to decorate themselves or branded for pre, prep school or any kid-fest!

Finally we launched our much lauded Plonk-it! We have the patent we have tested and printed and redeisgned and retested, the product and we finally took it to market at Bigfoot Fest last month.

Boy did it rain and our heart sanks this had not been produced in our waterproof material, and people still have not got the confidence to return to full on partying yet.

The festival however was very family orientated, and thorough this our children version which we have called Grafitti Seatee was a huge success, parents quite literally went off and had a beer while their kids under our supervision designed and quite simply rocked the grafitti seatee. We think if you are doing a party with a face painter this is a great and affordable unique gift to give all the mini party goers!

Being 100% recyclable it gives children a great message about our current disposable world. Teachers informed us it would be great for sports days, history projects or even subjects the children struggle with as it was a different way to attack a problem.

Its also a great tool to stop them saying my feet hurt, plonk them on a graffiti seatee and let them create their own little piece of furniture.

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