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We need some great Staff

As things start to hot up for this diverse little business we are on the hunt for people just as special as the staff we already had. This is not a normal place to work, there is no 9-5, but there is fun laughter, pretty much no rules unless there is a deadline but that overwhelming desire to always deliver the difference does that sound a bit of you?

So the pandemic has certainly changed how we all work, would like to work and are working.

Here at Creative Output we have just tried to hang on in there despite being in industry sectors that have quite simply been ravaged bytthe new world and we still think there is uncertainty if it will ever come back, global events in particular could be 5 years plus away!

This is not about doom and gloom, there is an abundance of opportunity out there and to nuture it and to be a part of it we have recognised that we need to do things differently. Difficult decisions will need to be made and we need to get the right people in for the next events and exhibition gateway.

We don't want to attract vanilla individuals who want an easy life, we want pioneering , thought provoking flexible individuals who initially are not driven by the largest pound note they can find this is all about growing what is already a good and successful little business into a slightly more modern and bigger one.

So what do we need in short




Digital whiz marketer

Sales already has a couple of great accounts




Informal chats are welcome, you don't have to have all those attributes in abundance but a little bit of all of them would be fab, me personally I am creative, ambitious , muscle, driver ........oh and a bit crazy!

So what do you have to lose , call 07983 975198 tell me why you would like to get into events and exhibitions or just want a change the end of furlough could deliver some very very unwelcome surprises be ahead of the game!

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