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Freya Cane

Cane Furniture is great for Shabby Chic

Cane furniture is great for both indoor and outdoor events and social gathering, kick back and enjoy meeting your work colleagues and clients in a more relaxed and informal ambiance


Our company ethos is very much about mending and reusing existing furniture and most of our collection consists of antique, reclaimed or vintage pieces. As many people are becoming more conscious of our environment and the effect that we have on it, we began seeking more natural organic designs and rattan, wicker and bamboo are natural materials, which are all biodegradable which helps the environment in the long run.

Our Freya range of cane armchairs and two-seater sofas. Handcrafted, these beautiful products are comfortable and elegant and paired with our cushions and throws they bring natural style to party lounge areas. Their popularity exploded in 2019 and so we introduced more of the same items such as cane side tables, these are perfect lamp tables, sofa side tables and we used them as bedside tables at great for festivals.

Relax and allow us to be in charge of the planning, designing and the setup of your event using our fabulous cane items, armchairs matching side and coffee tables all available,

Height: 79cm Width: 79cm Depth: 55cm

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