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There is Nothing Plain about our new Range of Plinths

Looking for bars, funky tables , presentation towers, or your launching a vibrant new product or launching a book for a celeb instead of boring poseurs and standard hire furniture , think about about going recyclable and please be brave we can deliver in any colour you want,

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Restaurant and Canteen Redesign

Restaurant and Canteen Dividers


Accent Padded Chair -Cream

Accent Cream Luxury Chair


office and canteen screen divider

Office and Canteen and Break Out Protective Divider


finally..... we launched our patented much talked about sustainable portable foldable chair. Like all good first launches there were some glitches, but sales were made, to young old, and trendy and ideas were shared! No we are NOT going on DRAGONS DEN! But we should all be thinking about how we can improve the green footprint of our business and home !




We finally Plonked-IT!  Sustainable, portable foldable waterproof occasional chair  is finally launched!

Bespoked Boxed and Bought to YOU

Having sent out over 79,218 boxes over Christmas, for charity, for online events, parties, award nights, staff engagement and wellbeing. We know how to BOX cleverly.

We love sparring with new clients, nothing leaves our lodges the same, just like an event or exhibition it is personal to you and the people you want to talk to and engage with.

Forget about a well known national courier system whom when you encounter a delivery issue the computer always says NO.

We deliver them ourselves yes ourselves, we had 20 no shows on boxes that went from the UK to all round the world, and believe it or not that peace of mind is what really made the difference.

Ding Ding Round 1 lets curate a box that has a meaning!

Modular Builds and Pop Ups

Our innovative modular display are versatile, green and easily portable strengthening any brand. Both cost effective and flexible for road shows, pop ups the stand can be designed and repeated identically to strengthen brand awareness.

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Events, Awards & Product Launches

Beautiful projects made with Love

The deliverers of the difference are true events experts we consult, create , manage and produce . We quite simply take care of your corporate event management to deliver the spectacular results that was created.

We offer impactful solutions whatever the event may be. We take into account your constraints, communication marketing budget, ethics add harmonise the project. We provide innovative and practical solutions ensuring seamless logistical delivery and provide engaging and captivating ideas and content to any theme we work on.

Our deliverers expertise enables us to inspire your employees, enchant your customers and we make an impression on the participants.

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Cardboard creators

The event industry is evolving and brands appreciate it’s their responsibility to inspire people to look at eco-friendly event options that are ultimately better on time, resources and the planet. We provide lightweight, flat packing and recyclable products to fill the need for temporary yet durable furniture.

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