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Raindrops can fall upon this bit of cardboard!

Working with Barley Mow Communications we created the first UK 100% recyclable and waterproof coconut shy to demonstrate how resourceful we can be with plastic, the message is strong the products awesome.

The more unusual the project the more we like it!

When asked to create a cardboard coconut shy by Barley Mow Communications we thought why not!

The project was to help promote awareness of recycling plastic bottles and how simple it can be if you know what you are doing.

After various line drawings went backwards and forwards between us we got the engineering side of it right. Suddenly someone said it needs to go outside and be durable for 3 months....... no problem we said using our favourite waterproof board manufacturer we said we have the solution.

With design, print, engineer and construct in -house at our Sheffield innovation centre we tentatively put waterproof bard on our flat bed printers.

Working with cardboard is always interesting you are never sure what will happen when you print, cut, create and using a substrate you have never used before it can be interesting too.

On this occasion once installed at a primary school in Staffordshire and teaching the children how to lob a bean bag properly to get the bottles into the catching box, the results were fabulous disappointed about the roller banners never our choice we have a great recyclable alternative.

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