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Simple jobs done in days need great communication

Need something done quickly.... of course but it has to be quirky!

When clients ring on a Tuesday and say we need a photoset in Blackpool on Friday, what do you say?

Yes of course! Prop making is one of our favourite things at Creative Output indoor or outdoor its always fun and challenging especially when our good friend COVID19 comes along to ruin all our fun and games.

The brief was to create a free standing lifelike Welcome to Blackpool sign publicising all the wonderful bed and breakfast hostelries in this famous Northern seaside town. There was strictly no time to ponder, and no artwork was approved we just promised the client he would get what he wanted and he trusted us that is the ultimate sign of a great client supplier relationship.

This got us thinking what else could we be doing in these crisis /cobra riddled days disposable recyclable stools/cubes for those crisis meetings that you sit on once and throwaway. We can even personalise them for a bit of fun to improve the mood of the meeting many of which will have dark undertones.

There is nothing that cannot be constructed and printed from cardboard we all need to keep talking to make the wheel of business continue to rotate , we just have to think out of the box while people change this planet doesn't.

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