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The future is beginning to look bright!

We have to remain positive, that the world as we know it will return be it in a different shape, or size and our confidence most certainly needs to be restored. We need to feel safe as life needs interaction. People need people that's one lesson we have all learnt!

Like most businesses Creative Output has in a lot of way been floored by the pandemic.

The hustle and bustle of the events and exhibitions that we create from conception to delivery, the chaos of the build and knowing that something will always go awry, has been snatched from under our feet.

So what do we do? With an abundance of furniture , dormant printing , finishing and CNC machines hungry to be purring and printing away.Designers itching to design and builders ready to cause havoc ....I meant build we are all frightened and restless about our future. we have decided to ditch the negatives and look to our future!

We cannot control the current thats a fact. The landscape has changed slightly and we hope that soon it will change again if the current trends continue.


Our designers and builders and printing kit are creating any shape or form for the new office working with whatever budget you have we will create something cool be it out of an anitbacterial cardboard or a more traditional structure but most importantly to create an air of confidence and trust for your team, if they are returning to the office lets make it a great safe place for them to work in.

All of us are nervous but we do need to see other humans some of us have been completely in isolation. We can make all of this happen. The great news for you is our agility, we build events and exhibitions in a day and often in hours. With the benefit of 2 production sites one in Sheffield and one in Peckham we can get to you quickly too.Our teams are chomping at the bit to do what they do best. Hairdressers, gyms, nail bars, dentists, retail outlet, bars and restaurants we promise you we are here to help and deliver what you want for the budget you have to spend.

The next steps are a more pragmatic business approach we are going to by hook or by crook bring the event, award, external meet and even mini exhibition back yo you or with you we are not precious how we do this but how cool would it be to discuss your new product or new sales plan over a cold one in a pre arranged extra safe environment/. The Creative Output Sales and Marketing team have been getting very creative thinking on how we will do things differently hopefully very soon.

All of us in this team agree what we really really miss is PEOPLE!, that buzz of seeing a party conference or award ceremony come alive but are we brave enough to mix with strangers again! The beauty of our life is US as individuals. So this is what we are doing to shape our real life future.

  • We have negotiated deals with hotels who will give us full occupancy to their hotels for a quarter of their rooms put simply a 100 room hotel will give us the whole property for 25 guests these numbers vary dependant on room capacity and location
  • All hotels involved have invested in thermal imaging to recognise any potential health threats .No one will be let in if they fail the thermal imaging. Harsh but safety and confidence is the key to this new way succeeding.
  • We will build a wonderfully interesting social distancing bar, eating area, and conference room. Hand sanitiser stations are a given.
  • All hotels have carparks big enough for the guests, but we also can offer drivers on a 1:1 basis be it a black cab in London or a chauffeur out of town.
  • We can be creative with the furniture you will only use ours which will be deep cleansed or we can build the whole event out of cardboard which has a one off use.
  • If we go the cardboard route you own your own seat it would be branded with your itinerary and be your responsibility it folds down to the size of a handbag/briefcase.

So does this whole new world engage you, we also have an online platform REMO for all of us still nervous to meet and greet but we will talk about that later.

Call 0203 795 0129 or email to discuss further.

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