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Creative Output - The last 18 months.

Eighteen months ago we left behind a big roles within a big company to create and deliver the work we loved with and at all times hoping we could deliver the difference. We have worked worldwide, laughed and cried and the whole uniqueness of this great company has evolved as clients arrived and we discovered new skills. Would we have predicted this for 2020, but let us share with you now what we really do well.

Creative Output, was borne as we loved what we did, we loved the business we worked for but the wheels were going a bit wonky. Fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to replicate the business model we loved January 2019 saw us embark on this new opportunity.

Furniture hire was going to be our main focus, but we very soon discovered the furniture we were were best at creating and selling was cardboard. This newly found skill, found us creating all sorts from full blown exhibition stands, to waterproof cardboard coconut shys, to cardboard for furniture for exhibition stands, we even patented a unique new product. Creative Output rapidly became the queen of green.

Developing strong relationships with both clients and suppliers has been at the heart of our success, getting the right mix in our team which could never be massive as essentially we were a start up.This was often precarious but as our confidence in what we did grew so was the talented staff we attracted who loved the different challenges our varied projects, from international events, to bespoke furniture and multiple exhibition stands presented.

Suppliers enjoyed our boundary pushing and we would love to mention RexFrames, Swanline Paper and Board and Eco Furniture Hire who helped us grow gracefully and we love collaborating with them.

So where are we now 2020 like many was going to be our year, pipeline was strong our patented product was trialled with Westminster City Council as Del- boy would say the world was our LOBSTER we well and truly could not fin our wildest dreams for see what the the last 3 months has delivered not just to Creative Output but to the world.

Of course we have had to "pivot" and from Green Queens we we became safety screen Queens. We devised a cost effective solution that the masses as opposed to the chosen could afford, we know more about print than printers and we had enough kit around us to develop bespoke printed items that the new world required as opposed to the "same old floor graphics and social distancing print message", we continued to push boundaries which culminated in a big win Selfridges job and June 2020 remarkably will be our strongest month to date.

So what has Creative Output become?

The best term for us is probably sustainable stagers we have tweaked our website to support our evolvement. Everything we do starts from a blank page , a conversation, an idea, it never ends up as the initial idea but we always have fun getting it where our beloved clients want it to be even if there are 37 changes......currently the most requested.

Next year we hope to tell you something different as who knows where this great business will be then.

Love Diana and Jane x

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