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Celebrating our Sustainable success

We combine our passion for staging/producing large scale events and exhibitions with caring for the planet, doing everything we can to make the world a greener place - from sourcing sustainable print materials, to how we run the business and working with numerous environmental charities and organisations. We’re proud to announce that we are FSC®, ISO 14001 & 9001 accredited.

With sustainability running through our print ideas we could not talk about it convincingly without having ISO accreditation. This is a bold move for a new company like ours, it is a big investment and and the pace of the change in the global economy means we have a duty to demonstrate our sustainable success through our quality , products and people. Demonstrating the resilience and care we have for all aspects of Creative Output and our other brand

But what benefits will it give our clients?

We feel there are 4 key areas in which YOU and YOUR customer benefits

Reputation working with a customers totally engaged in supporting their people and the environment in our changing working world, demonstrates your strength as a business

Reduced Prices a bold statement you may think by removing waste from processes we save on utilities and raw materials achieving these changes will ultimately lead to a better profit and margins which we can then share with our clients

Ease of Doing Business accreditations means we have standards that have to be adhered to whether dealing with communication, non-conformities or customer complaints, our customer can expect a standard.

Product longevity and end of life disposal. in short everything we do is re-useable and recyclable from environmentally friendly substrates, exhibition frames, furniture to vegetable inks, we even have our own 100% recyclable furniture range.

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