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Who doesn't love to make an entrance?

We are now back , we have all been locked up for far too long so when we meet up again lets make the entrance large lets make things real again lets dress our room to impress, lets make sure everyone knows we are here and we mean business

Nothing starts an event off better than getting the invite and the entrance to your event the one people talk about for a very long time.

Ditch your trackie bottoms and front door, you want your attendees to be excited and impressed from the very first moment they arrive. Below are some ideas of grand entrances and we think you will not be forgotten.

Your attendees first impression will set the tone for the rest of the event. With these grand entrances, you can make that impression an unforgettable one,

As delivers of the difference and stylist and stagers supreme we know that grand entrance ideas are not one size fits all. Always be sure your event entrance matches the theme and tone of your event. There are so many grand entrance ideas, but it’s key that you match your event style. If you are having a tech conference an all floral entryway may not make as much sense as an LED tunnel or some of our other ideas below. If it’s a smaller low key event, then a red carpet might not be your best bet. Always think of your overall theming and stay true to that.

We know all about grand entrances if you need some help staging call our styling team for a thought provoking mood board which will put away the blandness and sobriety of 2020 , we make and create and print everything on site so if you need something built call Diana on 07796 177903

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