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The joys of seeing your hardwork on film!

Creative Output from inception decided that sustainability would be at the heart of everything they produced. IN 2021 and again in 2022 we support the only Sustainable show in London delivered by Prestige Events . With the new trailer launched we are taking a tongue in cheek look at what we did as never has Creative Output's talents been displayed so professionally!

Here at Creative Output HQ we rack how brains on how we can convince event agencies, end user client, large corporates and venues on why they should be doing more sustainable events and marketing.

We are inundated with enquiries but the biggest hurdle is PRICE " I didn't think it would be so expensive" and "how much !" or we have" just had to use bog standard event chairs".

Using the word sustainable can mean lots of things for us as stagers, in the materials we chose to build with, the inks we chose to print with and the furniture we decide to up cycle you just have to be BRAVE and to think out of the box.

That's just what we did at The Sustainable show 2022.

We actually did so many things wrong it was laughable, as you can see from the video attached it looked great and it worked eventually that's events for you!

Our brief take on this advertisement for us!

Plonk-its! Are now no longer wobbly imagine our MD's horror as she sat on panel looking out on a product that was In invention stage only, there were some wobbles and some gripes but through clever cardboard engineering we have a product that doesn't move!

Yes that is our MD on a panel on the stage holding her breath. This exact set of stage cardboard furniture will be used again for the show in 2022 - any event organiser hang your head in shame this a small yet effective solution on to demonstrate your sustainable commitment and won't break the bank!

All our graphics went to our own recycling plant and was turned into paper or granules to be reused. Printed with vegetable inks there were no carcinogenic fumes on these powerful graphics.

Our amazing swings have been worldwide, and gave the visitors the show a seat and a photo opportunity to see all the greenery at The Barbican in its finery.

Look at the reception desk which has been resprayed in vegetable inks and up cycled since 2019 when used by Hermes for a fashion shoot.

A snippet of why we are so proud of this video please talk to us about making sustainability work for your budget!

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