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NEW - Cardboard Bed

Olympian Cardboard Bed

We have been inundated with personalised cardboard beds strong enought to take mattresses and totally personalised to the event or individual are you brave enough to run an event and swop conventional bed?


Everybody keeps saying we have to get greener, and the Olympics in Tokyo have proved they are true to there word with a cardboard bed. So why not have an event where you remove conventional beds and install cardboard ones?????

Cardboard is a fabulous substrate to work in great for children you can add a mattress to suit your requirements but you can personalise and brand this bed and when they outgrow it you can recycle it! Looks great with our graifitti seatee a portable foldable seat which means they can sit anywhere at home without needing extra furniture, great if you are tight on space.

Sustainability will only happen if we all make small changes and to a certain extent are braver with it!

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