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External Bubble Dome

Social Bubble Pods

This great social bubbles are available in 2 sizes 2,8 m or 3.6m. it is the ideal solution for restaurants and bars to capitalise on outdoor space and creating a safe environment for staff and customers alike.


Our social bubbles are a great addition to our keeping the public safe accessories and our outdoor furniture hire. A simple and effective Pop-up Igloo for outside social distancing in Hotels, Restaurants and Bars.

It is Wind resistant, water resistant and snow proof. Frame is built from aerospace grade aluminium, with a vent for airflow in the ceiling plate - can be sealed if required with part supplied Equipped with industrial zipper door. It includes Philips lighting system with UK plug (just plug in and go)

Portable and movable once assembled , no Foundation is required - simply anchor it with the aluminium brackets provided .Available in 3 sizes

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