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Reception area Screen

Reception Protector Screen

Made from 3 or 5mm perspex bespoke reception screen area screens can be placed standing or suspended from ceiling. Custom-made quickly, so that both your staff and visitors are safe and can return to normal business quickly. The screens can branded or have stickers applied giving clear messages of your safety process.


Nothing gives the message of how your business performs better than your reception area, start the message of professionally and creatively showing the outside world how much you care about your staff ant the way you now interact in these changing times.

The reception protector screen is simple and cost effective to install. Can be built to. fit any shape or size of reception area.Our bespoke made to measure reception screen is the perfect solution. Competitively priced and made to measure..Business and distancing graphics are available too as is print and graphics on the screen if required explaining clearly your social distancing and safety rules. Clear message with a simple and cost effective solution. Easy to clean safely.

These hanging barriers can be either fitted with two suspension hooks or straight to desk .

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